Quick Answer: Is Paytm Wallet And Paytm Bank Same?

Can we transfer money from Paytm bank to Paytm wallet?

Choose to add money via Credit/Debit card, Net Banking or UPI.

If you do not have any saved card, you can choose to save a credit or debit card for faster payment next time.

Once you enter details on your bank’s page & complete the transaction, you will be redirected to Paytm with money added in your Paytm wallet..

How can I pay with Paytm wallet?

How to pay or send money through Paytm wallet?Open the Paytm app.On the app home screen, tap on the ‘Pay or Send’ option.Scan the QR code.Enter the desired amount.Tap on the ‘Pay’ button to proceed with the payment.

What is the minimum balance in Paytm wallet?

Account Opening Paytm Payments Bank offers all the services which it does as a wallet, and additional features like: No minimum balance requirement. All digital transactions are free. 2.75% Interest per annum on the money deposited in the Savings Account.

Which banks support Paytm wallet?

We support all major Indian and International Credit/Debit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, Dinars, Amex, Rupay, etc.) We support Net Banking from all major Banks (SBI, ICICI, HDFC, AXIS, etc.)

What is the difference between Paytm wallet and Paytm bank?

On Paytm wallet 2% charge will be applied for transferring the funds but ‘Paytm Payments Bank’ is India’s first bank with zero charges on online transactions, with no minimum balance requirement bringing a new banking model to the window of one’s phone.

Why I Cannot use Paytm wallet?

In case, any one of the parties have not completed their KYC, the transaction would not happen. Despite having completed the KYC process, to send an amount higher than Rs. 10,000, you will need to add the receiver as a beneficiary through your Paytm app.

Is Google pay better than Paytm?

Well here Paytm has an advantage over Google Pay. It allows you to pay your bills and mobile recharge via credit card. For Google Pay, you don’t have an option to pay through credit cards. So if you are running out of cash and your bill is due, you can pay the same via Paytm using a credit card.

What is the Paytm wallet limit?

Rs. 10,000Paytm wallet has a basic monthly limit set by RBI. This means you cannot keep or spend more than Rs. 10,000 in your wallet in a month.

Can I use Paytm wallet without KYC?

A. Minimum KYC is required for using Wallet. Without minimum KYC it is still possible for you to use Paytm for UPI money transfer and make purchases using credit/debit cards and net-banking.

Where is Paytm wallet in Paytm app?

Download the Paytm app from your app store. Please login using your Paytm username & password. On the bottom menu tap on ‘Wallet’ & then you’ll be able to add Paytm Cash by entering the amount. You can proceed to pay with your credit card, debit card or netbanking.

Is Paytm bank approved by RBI?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given its approval to Paytm Payments Bank Ltd, which is co-owned by One97 Communications and Vijay Shekhar Sharma, to restart its know your customers (KYC) process as well as open fresh accounts.