Quick Answer: How Long Does My Giffgaff Credit Last?

How long does giffgaff top up last?

six monthsA top up will last as long as you wish but must be used once every six months to remain active.

If you require giffgaff to giffgaff free calls you will need to top up every three months..

Does giffgaff credit expire?

Airtime credit does not expire, as long as your Giffgaff Sim is makes a chargeable activity within a 6 month period to remain connected to giffgaff network (i.e. make a call, send a text, use mobile data OR top-up – doing any one of those will avoid disconnection from Giffgaff network).

How much credit do I have giffgaff?

Just pop over to your dashboard to see how much credit you have. You can also check through your phone: Dial *100# to check your credit. Dial *100*7# to check your plan.

Do you have to top up giffgaff every month?

You dont have to top up every month, if you want every month you can reccur a goodybag but other than that you can top up manually every month. It can be automatic through a direct debit.

Can you top up 5 pound on giffgaff?

no, you can’t, minimum top up is £10. However you can buy £5 goodybag without topping up £10.