Quick Answer: How Do I Transfer My Balance To Another Number?

How can I transfer balance from Jio to other number?

How to Transfer Jio Balance To Another Jio numberStep 1) Install MyJio App.Step 2) Open MyJio App & click on ‘Sign in with SIM’Step 3) Now you can see your Jio App Dashboard at the top left side of the screen select menu bar.Step 4) Tap on the menu bar and select My Vouchers option..

Can I transfer my Airtel recharge to another number?

Airtel balance transfer service allows users to share their account balance to another Airtel prepaid customer number. Just dial the *141# code and select Share Talktime option to transfer your Airtel prepaid balance request manually.

Can we transfer Netpack from one SIM to another?

Or you can dial *129*101#. Now enter your Airtel mobile number and login with OTP. After entering OTP, you will get an option to transfer you Airtel internet data from one mobile number to another mobile number. Now select the “Share Airtel data” options.

Can Jio Recharge be Cancelled?

No. Recharge can’t be cancelled.

How do you transfer data?

DATA TRANSFERS: HOW TO TRANSFER DATA TO ANY NETWORKTo transfer 10MB, dial *141*712*11#For 25MB, dial *141*712*9#And for 60MB, dial *141*712*4#Log in to www.vtpass.com.Select Buy Internet Data, enter the network and phone number you want it transferred to.

Can we share data in Jio?

Data transfer can be done up to 3 times to each child account and upto 5 times to all child accounts together in a billing cycle: Simply follow these steps: Step 1: Open MyJio App. Step 2: Click on ‘Share Data’ from Manage Plan. Step 3: Set data for child account and proceed.

How can we share data in idea?

Step 1) Dial *121*121# for sharing Data/SMS/Minutes or visit Idea Easyshare Page. Select your preference and proceed to next. Step 2) Now select the data plan that you want to share with friends and family members.

Can we transfer data from one number to another?

Now you can share all your prepaid number internet data balance from one number to another in a simple manner with the help of ussd codes. In the Indian telecom sector following are the popular network Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Jio which provides this facility.

How can I transfer my mobile data to another phone?

Transfer Internet data from AirTel to AirTelGo to Airtel Family Share.Enter your Airtel Mobile number.Click on the GO button and you will receive an OTP on your phone.Enter OTP and verify it.You have successfully activated Airtel Data sharing. … You can create a family up to 5 members in the same telecom circle.More items…•

How can I transfer my Airtel balance to another number?

To transfer the balance from Airtel to Airtel Follow the below steps:Dial *141#.Now a new popup will appear like the screenshot.Then Type “1” to Share Talk-time.A new popup will appear in which you have to type the amount you want to share.More items…

How can I transfer my Airtel data to another number?

Data Me2U (aka Data Share): You can “share” or “transfer” from the data allowance of an already purchased data bundle to another customer. For example, if you have purchased a 1.5GB Monthly, you can transfer 100MB to another customer. To share/transfer data, simply dial *141# and select the option for Gifting or Me2U.

How can I transfer my main balance from Airtel to bank account?

How to transfer airtel money to bank accountOpen the Airtel Money App & Tap on ‘Send’ Option.Tap on Bank → Fill account holder name → Bank Name → Account Number → Mobile Number & Tap on “Proceed” button.Enter Amount & Tap on tick mark button.Convenience charges for sending the amount to the bank, Tap On Proceed button.Click on “Payments Bank” Option.It’s done!