Quick Answer: How Can I Earn Money From Intellimali?

How can I get money from Intellimali?


Recipients can receive a cash payment from our system to their personal bank account.

The cash is then redeemed from their bank account using their banking card or banking method of choice..

How do I register for Intellimali?

​Registering on IntellimaliPlease see your Bursary Officer to request book money. … Confirm that your Financial Aid Practitioner has your correct cell phone number.A code will be received via sms.Log onto Intellicard website: www.intellicard.co.za.Username: student number and Password: code.More items…

How do I convert my Nsfas voucher to cash?

How do I withdraw cash (money) using my NSFAS Wallet?Dial the short code *134*176#Enter your password.Click Send.Select option 1. Cash Voucher and click Send.Enter amount and click Send.Your newly created voucher will be displayed.

Where can I withdraw my Nsfas money?

WITHDRAWING CASH You can withdraw cash at Shoprite, Checkers, Boxer, USAVE or selected Spar stores. Advise the cashier that you would like to with draw cash (maximum allowed is R1000 per pay at Shoprite, Checkers.

How do I check my Nsfas allowance?

Once you have been awarded your NSFAS Bursary then dial *134*176# and enter your ID number to verify & authenticate your account. Your account password will be sent to you via sms. You will be able to access your account by dialing *134*176#.

How do I get my Intellimali pin?

Student who have forgotten their Intellimali pins or need assistance with the vouchers should contact Intellimali directly at:Phone: 087 2300 161.E-mail: info@intellimali.co.za.Website: www.intellimali.co.za.

Can you withdraw money with Intellimali?

It costs nothing to activate it, and they can use the Intellicard login details to withdraw funds. One only needs to apply for an Intellicard account where they can receive their allowances, and the card will help them purchase the required items.

How do I use my Intellimali voucher?

Using your cell phone, dial *120*44431*student number*pin#. For example, if your student number is “2015031234” and your PIN is “23436”, dial *120*44431*2015031234*23436#. This will give you a voucher number that is valid for 5 minutes. You may save this number as a contact on your cell phone for quick access.

How do I get a new Intellimali pin?

All students may only request a new PIN by contacting us on 087 2300 161. A new PIN will be sent to you via SMS after we have verified your identity.