Question: What Is Nedbank Quick Pay?

How do I make an Nedbank immediate payment?

To make an instant payment:Click on the “Payments” menu.

Select “Instant Payment”.

Choose “Make payment”.

Accept the terms and conditions, then click the “Accept” button to proceed..

How do I use Nedbank Quick Pay?

To make a quick payment:Log into Nedbank online banking and scroll down to ‘Quick Pay’.Select a recipient.Enter the amount you’d like to pay.Click on ‘Pay’.Review your payment.Confirm your payment.

How much does Nedbank charge for an instant payment?

Instant-payment fee R40,00. Cheque service fee Not available. Bank-guaranteed cheque Not available. Bank’s own cheque R100,00.

Does Nedbank have immediate payment?

You can make instant payments at any time of day, including Sundays and public holidays, through Online Banking or the Nedbank Money app.

How long does an immediate payment take from Absa to Nedbank?

Normal beneficiary payments to other banks take 24 to 48 hours to go through. An IIP is a payment to a beneficiary that goes through immediately.

How long does Nedbank Quick Pay Take?

60 minutesInstant payments allow you to clear payments to banks, which subscribe to this service, within 60 minutes at an extra cost. To make your payment an Instant Payment, ensure that ‘Instant Pay’ is activated when capturing the payment. Can I use a non-transactional account on the new online banking?