Question: Is Today An African Holiday?

What holidays are in Africa?

List of Holidays in South Africa in 2020DayDateHoliday NameFridayMay 01Workers’ DayTuesdayJun 16Youth DaySundayAug 09National Women’s DayMondayAug 10National Women’s Day (in lieu)9 more rows.

Is Monday a public holiday in SA?

Public and bank holidays in South Australia are prescribed by the Holidays Act 1910….South Australia’s public holidays.Holiday and dateAnzac Day 25 April2021Monday 26 April2022Monday 25 April2023Tuesday 25 April2020Saturday 25 April16 more columns

Do we get Monday off for Anzac Day 2020?

There is no ANZAC Day ‘long weekend’ in NSW, Victoria, Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia for 2020. As mentioned, ANZAC Day in 2020 will fall on a Saturday. … Similarly, in Victoria, the Public Holidays Act 1993 stipulates the same — no public holiday on Monday this year.

What holiday is it today in Africa?

African Unity Day, also known as Africa day is celebrated annually on May 25th. It commemorates the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) on this day in 1963. It is a statutory public holiday in several countries such as The Gambia, Mali, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

What is the theme for Africa Day 2020?

AFRICA DAY 2020 AND PARLIAMENT OF SOUTH AFRICA The AU has embraced the theme: Silencing the guns: creating conducive conditions for Africa’s development to achieve the goal of a conflict-free Africa.

What holiday is on the 25?

Memorial DayMemorial Day is a federal holiday.

What holidays are left in 2020?

What are the 2020 federal holidays?Wednesday, January 1 – New Year’s Day.Monday, January 20 – Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.Monday, February 17 – Washington’s Birthday.Monday, May 25 – Memorial Day.Friday, July 3 – Independence Day.Monday, September 7 – Labor Day.Monday, October 12 – Columbus Day.More items…•

What is celebrated April 2020?

April 2020 Holidays and Celebrations01 Wed. April Fool’s Day.01 Wed. National Walking Day.02 Thu. Autism Awareness Day.02 Thu. National Burrito Day.02 Thu. International Children’s Book Day.02 Thu. National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.03 Fri. World Party Day.03 Fri. National Find a Rainbow Day.More items…

What day is opposite day?

January 25thDay Opposite National on January 25th celebrates a fun day of switcher-roos.

Is today National sons Day 2020?

Every year the National Sons Day is observed on September 28, this day honors all the sons across the world….When is National Sons Day?YearDate2020Sep 282021Sep 282022Sep 282023Sep 28

Is 27 April 2020 a public holiday in SA?

Declared public holiday Monday, 27 April 2020 has been declared a public holiday in the ACT and Western Australia. The 27 April 2020 public holiday is in addition to the ANZAC Day public holiday on 25 April 2020.

Is a holiday today?

Check it here – Holiday Calendar….What Holiday is Today? ( January 4, 2021)Holiday nameHoliday locationHoliday typeWorld Braille Day-InternationalDay of King AmadorSao tome and principePublic HolidayMartyrs of Independence DayCongo democratic republicPublic HolidayNational Spaghetti Day-Weird5 more rows

Is Boxing Day a public holiday 2020?

We will update the dates on this page if new information becomes available. Note: All public holiday dates are accurate at the time of publishing, but may be subject to change….A listing of public holidays in Victoria for 2020.Holiday2020Christmas Day*Fri 25 DecBoxing DaySat 26 Dec Mon 28 Dec ²11 more rows