Question: How Do I Check The Balance On My Shell Gas Card?

What bank does Shell gas card use?

CitibankShell has two store-branded cards issued by Citibank – The Shell Fuel Rewards® Card and the Shell Fuel Rewards® Mastercard®..

How do I check my V+ shell balance?

How do I check my V-Plus card balance?By scanning the QR code on the back of the card and then entering their cell number on the website.By using the USSD string *120*7368#On the V+ Website calling the help desk on 031 0013390.

How do I pay my Shell gas card?

You can also call 1-866-743-5562 to pay your Shell Credit Card bill by phone, or you can send your payment by regular mail. The mailing address is: Shell Card Payments / P.O. Box 9001011 / Louisville, KY 40290-1011. Alternatively, to pay your Shell Gas Card over the phone, call 1-800-331-3703.

You can keep track of your Points transactions through the following channels:Log in to with your BonusLink Card number and PIN. … BonusLink Mobile App (BLINK)Self-Service Phone System at 03-7626 1000.Refer to your Monthly e-statement via e-mail.

How do I get a cash advance on my Shell gas card?

You can get a Shell credit card cash advance from any ATM, provided you have the cash advance PIN. If you don’t, you will need to call the number on the back of your card to get one. Although getting a cash advance is easy, it’s really important to judge whether this is also necessary.

How do I make an online redemption via website? Log in with your Primary BonusLink Card Number and PIN….BonusLink Related QuestionsOnline at *BonusLink Mobile App *Self-Service Phone System: 03-7626 1000 *On-The-Spot at selected outlets *Fax or mail in your redemption form to 03-7662 7996.

What is the easiest gas card to get?

Discover it® Secured: Best secured card for gas rewards Because it’s a secured credit card, the Discover it® Secured is one of the easiest gas cards to get approved for.

How hard is it to get a Shell gas card?

The typical applicant approved for the Shell Drive for Five card will have at least fair credit, which means a score of 620 or higher. To apply for a Shell card or read its terms and conditions, head to the Shell US website using the link below.

Does a gas card build credit?

Gas cards can help build your credit score. Retail cards, like gas cards, typically approve consumers with lower credit scores and report to the credit bureaus so that cardholders who pay as agreed can build a positive credit history.

Can you send a gas card online?

It is possible to buy most gas gift cards online. If you wish to have the card delivered to someone else, simply use their address for the delivery address.

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Is it worth getting a gas card?

It’s probably not worth it, according to a new report. The average interest rate on a gas-station branded credit card is 23.61%, nearly seven percentage points higher than the national average for all credit cards, according to a new analysis from the credit-card website

Can you use a Shell gas card at Circle K?

TOLLESON, Ariz. — Fry’s Food Stores expanded its fuel rewards program with Shell Oil Co. … Card program at participating Shell-branded and Circle K stations in the state. As part of the expanded program, which began May 8, Fry’s customers can save up to $1 per gallon of gas when they redeem up to 1,000 Fuel Points.

Do Shell gas cards expire?

Do Shell Gift Cards expire? No. Please refer to Terms and Conditions with card for further information.

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