How Can I Update My DOB In Aadhar Card Online?

How many times can I change my DOB in Aadhar card?

As mentioned above, date of birth can be updated only once in the Aadhaar card.

In addition to that, the change in date of birth will be allowed to the maximum range of plus or minus three years of the date of birth recorded during Aadhaar enrolment..

Does Aadhaar card have date of birth?

But it is not true,” says Avinash Prabhune, a consumer rights activist. Prabhune says Aadhar cards do not mention date of birth although documentary evidence was submitted at the time of enrolment. The cards indicate only year of birth, therefore this card is not helping as age proof in banks and other places.

How can I know my DOB in Aadhar card?

If you have not received your Aadhaar Card, you can view your Date of Birth on your Aadhaar Card Application or You may visit and enter necessary details to view your Date of Birth in Aadhaar.

How many days it will take to update DOB in Aadhar card?

90 daysDocuments Required as Proof of Date of Birth Your update takes around 90 days to be completed. After that, the new Aadhar card will be delivered at your registered address. Make sure you are present at the time of delivery.

Can we update date of birth in Aadhar card online?

You can update your Address online in Self Service Update Portal (SSUP). For other details updates such as Demographic details (Name, Address, DoB, Gender, Mobile Number, Email) as well as Biometrics (Finger Prints, Iris & Photograph) in Aadhaar you will have to visit Permanent Enrolment Center.

How do you change Dob in Aadhar card without any proof?

Go to URL Enter ‘Aadhaar Number’ or ‘VID’ and mentioned ‘Security Code’ in screen, then click on ‘Send OTP’ or ‘Enter TOTP’. The OTP will be sent to the registered Mobile Number for the given Aadhaar number or VID.

How can I correct my date of birth?

The correct format of your date of birth should be in dd/mm/yyyy. For example, if your date of birth is 9th October 1984, then it will be mentioned as 09/10/1984.

Can I change my DoB in PAN card?

A pan application form must be filled and submitted along with a processing fee and documents for verification. Apart from availing a new PAN card, the same online facility lets PAN holders to apply for any additions or corrections like change in birth date in their existing PAN cards.

What is the proof of date of birth?

Documents mentioned in point 4 to 8 are acceptable as proof of Date of Birth only if it has the precise Date of Birth of the applicant….List of acceptable documents:7PAN Card issued by the Income Tax Department8Driving License issued by the Transport department of concerned state Government8 more rows

What happens if date of birth is wrong on PAN card?

You can correct the Date of Birth in PAN Card by filing application for Correction of PAN with necessary documents.

How can I correct my DOB in Aadhar card?

In order to update your date of birth mentioned in your Aadhaar, you have to follow these steps:Step 1: Visit a nearby Aadhaar Enrolment Centre.Step 2: Fill the Aadhaar update form mentioning your date of birth.Step 4: Submit the proof of date of birth along with the form.More items…•

What are the documents required for change of DoB in Aadhar card?

Proof of Date of Birth (DoB) are documents having your date of birth, for example, SSLC Certificate, Birth Certificate, Passport, PAN Card, Certificate of Date of Birth that is issued by Group A Gazetted Officer on a letterhead, Government Photo ID Cards or PSU Issued Photo Identity Card that contains the DoB, Mark …

How can I change my age in 10th Marksheet?

you have to mention the correct DON with mentioned DOB in mark sheet. Along this you have inform about the mistake to the school principal. Once principal receive the application ,he can verify it and submit it with the school stamp.

Is date of birth mandatory in Aadhar card?

More From Our Partners. NEW DELHI: It is not mandatory to provide age proof for Aadhaar enrolment but a valid document is required to correct the date of birth registered for the unique identity, a senior UIDAI official today said. “It is not mandatory to provide document for age proof for getting Aadhaar.

Can I make 2 Aadhar card?

The Aadhaar system has been devised in such a manner that it is not possible for a single person to obtain two Aadhaar numbers, because it is unique to a person and is tied to his biometric information which cannot be changed. … So, it will not be possible to have two Aadhaar numbers for a single person.